SAMSUNG 934 Litres Frost Free French Door Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Refrigerator with Family Hub (RF90A955387/TL, Glam Navy/Glam White)

SAMSUNG 934 Litres Frost Free French Door Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Refrigerator with Family Hub (RF90A955387/TL, Glam Navy/Glam White)

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Bountiful Storage

Designed with a roomy 934L storage capacity, the Samsung RF90A955387/TL 934L Frost-Free French-Door Refrigerator ensures sufficient space for both fresh and frozen items. With its space, this refrigerator helps you store expansive beverage bottles and big cartons of milk and juices. So, if you are part of an expansive family and desire a refrigerator that optimises space without compromising functionality, you can consider this fridge.

Triple and Metal Cooling Technology

As this refrigerator features Triple and Metal Cooling technology, your stored items stay fresh for an extended duration. Therefore, this refrigerator simplifies your weekly meal preparations by sustaining the freshness of your homemade spices, sauces, batters, chutneys, and more.

Digital Inverter Compressor

Integrated with a digital inverter compressor, this refrigerator delivers efficient and long-lasting performance with low operation noise.

Digital Thermostat Temperature Control

Embracing the convenience of the digital thermostat temperature control, this refrigerator effortlessly adapts to varying settings, thereby ensuring the desired freshness level for your stored food.

Music and Entertainment

You can elevate your cooking experience and entertain guests effortlessly with this refrigerator’s music feature. So, immerse yourself in uninterrupted music as you enjoy your favourite playlists, songs, and artists via Spotify. Additionally, access a continuous stream of entertainment with a variety of global radio stations, news, podcasts, and comedy shows through TuneIn.

Tempered Glass Shelves

The tempered glass shelves in this French-door refrigerator are designed to withstand heavy loads, from a bulky watermelon to an expansive steel pot. So, you can store items of your choice without any worry.

Side-by-Side Freezer and Slim Ice Maker

You can keep desserts and frozen meats chilled for an extended period with the reliable Side-by-Side freezer of this refrigerator, which offers adequate space for your frozen favourites. Moreover, thanks to its slim ice maker, this refrigerator allows you to enjoy chilled beverages on a scorching summer afternoon.

Maintain Fresh Refrigerator Air

Thanks to the integrated deodorising filter in this refrigerator, it ensures long-lasting freshness and diminishes odours stemming from airborne bacteria. Moreover, featuring UV light, it consistently cleans the filter surface, eliminating the need for frequent replacements.

Connectivity Features

Enhancing overall efficiency, the Wi-Fi feature of this 934L refrigerator can provide a smart home experience, allowing you to remotely monitor and control various functions. In addition, incorporating the SmartThings app, this refrigerator enables you to adjust its settings and receive alerts on your smartphone, offering a new level of convenience in the kitchen.

LED Lighting

Integrated with a bright LED light, this Samsung refrigerator offers ample illumination for enhanced visibility while saving energy.

Stabiliser-Free Operation

The stabiliser-free feature contributes to this 934L refrigerator's longevity and efficient performance, making it a durable and reliable choice for your cooling needs.

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