Babool Phali Powder -150 gm

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  • Babool is a highly prized Ayurvedic plant well-known for its indispensable medicinal properties. Acacia arabica or commonly called as Babool, it is found in dry and sandy parts of India. It is majorly used as the datum for cleaning the teeth and regular use of this facilitates in strengthening gums, teeth and reduce plaque and inflammation.
    Benefits : 
    1. Oral problems: It not only help strengthen the teeth but heals the gum due to its astringent property.
    2. Arthritis and Fractured bone : Babool Phali Powder works on arthritis pain as well as also helps in the fracture to fasten the union of fractured ends for proper healing of internal injuries when its taken orally due to its Vata balancing. 
    3. Diarrhea and Lose motion : Babool Phali Powder help to improve metabolism, give strenght to intestine and control diarrhea or lose motion

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